Clotho 101

How-to - Clotho


Getting started with Clotho is easy!  You won't need to set up a database or do anything fancy, just make sure Java is installed on your computer (it probably already is).  If it isn't, you can download it from Then, download the Starter edition of Clotho from the Download page.  Double click the installer, then run Clotho.  The tool itself will walk you through the rest of the process.  If you decide you'd like to use Clotho on a shared database with your labmates, you can delete the Starter Edition of Clotho and then download the Cloud or Power User editions.


For Mac or Linux users, you'll need to go visit another download page at


If you'd like a little more background before downloading the tool, you can check out the powerpoint presentation Clotho_for_users.pptx.


If you're having any difficulties getting started with Clotho, try checking out the FAQ or Forum.



Anyone can write a Clotho App with a basic knowledge of Java programming!  We'll guide you through the basics.  You can download the source code for Clotho at SourceForge.  The ClothoCore code is held in ClothoProject.  The Apps supplied with the downloadable versions of Clotho are provided in the ClothoApps directory.  We recommend using Subversion to download both of these directories.  You'll find it useful to examine the Apps we have provided with the distribution versions in writing your own Apps.  Additionally, there are several resources for getting to know the Clotho API:


For a powerpoint guide to the Clotho API, you can download Clotho_API_guide.pptx.


For further assistance getting started writing Clotho Apps, check out the ClothoHelp developer pages or Forum.



If you are interested in supporting the Clotho project.  Please contact Douglas Densmore (dougd at or Chris Anderson (jcanderson at