What version of Clotho is right for me?
You'll need to first install Java. Download your choice, then run the installer.

"I’m just testing the waters. Is there some easy way to get started?"

If you've never used Clotho before, you want the starter edition. It will keep all your data on your hard drive. It comes with a lot of data already in it to play with and a tour. You won’t be able to share your data, but it’s really easy to install.

"I want to start using Clotho with my labmates, but mySQ-what???"

If you want to get started using Clotho, but you don’t have the ability to set up a server, you can use the Cloud version. Here, you’ll create an account and database at a commercial provider, and then Clotho will guide you through how to connect to it.

"Just give me the basic setup. I know what I’m doing."

For server-savy users or system administrators, you’ll want to set up your own mySQL server. The power user edition of Clotho will help you connect to that server and otherwise provides a bare-bones version of Clotho.