Contact - Clotho

Before contacting us directly, please try our Wiki or Forum to see if your question or comment can be addressed.


Got a question about using Clotho?  First try looking through the FAQ on the wiki.  We might have already answered your question.  You can also post your question to the Forum or search to see if it's already been covered.  Finally, you can join the Google group for alerts about the availability of updates to Clotho.


Are you a Clotho App writer?  The Forum and Wiki provides sections directed to you including an FAQ abouthe API.  You should also join to communicate with other App writers.

If you have a message you'd like to ask of the Core development team, there are several avenues depending on what you're thinking about.  

For suggestions/requests for new core functionality, send an email to

To reports bugs that appear to come from the Core code, send an email to


If you are interested in becoming a financial supporter of the Clotho project or a collaborator, please contact Chris Anderson or Douglas Densmore directly at jcanderson -at- or dougd -at-, respectively.